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Hey Yall!

I am very excited to share some new work! God has really been speaking to me throughout the Pandemic. After giving birth to my daughter Jack and while embracing this time of stillness, I have been co-creating with God on a devotional, specially curated for new mamas. My Five Day Devotional, "Manna for Mamas', is a helpful guide to seeing God's presence in the mundaneness of life.  

​I have also been working closely with my dear friend Cheyanne to create a new and exciting podcast. We are hoping to create a safe space to explore life's challenges, with God's Word and grace guiding our steps. Producing this podcast has been incredibly scary and wildly fun. I even plan to throw off my producer's hat and jump on the mic to co-host an episode or two. This should be interesting...

So stay tuned! Here's to embracing this crazy world with a little bit more boldness and bravery. Join me...


All the best,


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