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I'm Officially A BAT!!!!

I am super excited to announce that I will be joining the resident company at The Flea Theatre.

I'm absolutely in love with their work and their artists.

I cannot wait to play!

Check back for updates and more!

Romeo and Juliet!

And here we go! (AGAIN) I am back with my fellow castmates and we are headed to the Hudson Valley area to share our production of R&J.  Click here for dates and times. 

It's A Wrap!

The Bastard


by Seth McNeill\

Dixon Place

Click here for tickets


I'm back at The Dixon Place workshopping The Bastard. Directed by the fabulous Dina Vovsi, I'm playing the older sister no one knew about.

You have to check this one out!


Two brothers await the arrival of their long-lost older but probably hypothetical sister at their mother's and father's or possibly a stranger's funeral, When the sister is no longer lost or hypothetical, the brothers are confronted with a conflicting account of who their parents were and the sister is forced to face two men who resemble their father a bit too much for her liking. 






'This Is Not Normal' Festival


The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui

The Brick​

Click here to reserve your tickets (It's free!)


I get to team up with director Jake Bradley and seven phenomenal actors and a group of playwrights as they explore, expand and adapt Brecht's 1941 parable play, The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui. Each of the playwrights wrote a ten-page adaptation then passed it on to the next playwright, resulting in a mash-up of some of theater's most exciting voices.





Trick of the Light


By Charly Evon Simpson

Jefferson Market Library

Click here for tickets (Suggested donation)


I am joining forces (again) with two of my favorites artists, playwright Charly Simpson and director, Dina Vovsi as we examine Trick of the Light, presented by The Pipeline Theatre Company. 


Aurora returns to her childhood home for some quiet, but soon realizes something is amiss. Her mother spends nights yelling on the porch about her missing dog and her aunt pulls the same tarot card every day. Not to mention the three mysterious, banshee figures she sees...


I'm rocking out the stage directions! Come see your girl. 


I just wrapped a wonderful run of Squeaky Bicycle's The Unconventional Convention. I got to work with the wonderful Kathryn McConnell, director and fellow OU alum. 


I was blessed with the opportunity to explore Really Absolutely Devastating by Robert Zander Norman. Robert's piece was as challenging as it was rewarding. As the Forrestor, I explored a man's journey as he reconciles with the impending doom he has no power to stop. 


Super excited to re-unite with Charly E. Simpson and Illana Stein on the staged reading of Jump! Come check it out! I finally get to be a big sister, someone that doesn't seem "all there". 


I booked my very first industrial. Super excited to be working on a Financial E-Course video. Stay tuned for the link!

We did it! The ladies of Hottentotted reconnected on The Tank's stage for another round of laughter, tears, and storytelling!

The Summer of Shorts!

I had a blast working on three different short plays this summer. I finally got a chance to particiapte in the ANT Fest at Ars Nova. I was able to re-connect with one of my favorite playwrights, Charly Simpson, on HottenTotted, a play that explores the black, female thought. (Ahhh...Actor therapy!)

I met some fabulous women working on Deconstructing Ladyness, by EllaRose Chary, in the Rule of 7 Theatre Festival. This one night affair was jammed packed and we served the audience a dose of truth by deconstructing and ultimately debunking the idea of ladyness, all the while confirming it. 

My competetive spirit came into play as I embarked upon the Manhattan Rep Short Play Festival. I got to work with director Chelsea Anderson Long again and my castmates and I enjoyed getting to the finals with Moon Juice, by Rachel Segal.

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I had a blast in the studio! I recently had the pleasure of attending the CAST Performing Arts Seminar: Intro to Voice Over with Andy Roth. It was amazing!!!! Andy was funny and down to earth. I learned a great deal in such a short amount of time. Check out my audio file from class!

I got to rock it out with The Motor Company on their Intimate Bar Plays


Five short, overlapping plays written for and performed in the dark corners of a downtown bar.

The real selling point: I got to go on my first Tinder date!

I had the best time in my class at Primary Stages, Circuit Training: Casting Directors. I was super excited to work with some of the top CDs in the country: Erica Jensen, Camille Hickman, Karyn Casi, Lisa Donadio, & Rachel Minow!

The world is shaped by two things — stories told and the memories they leave behind. ~Vera Nazarian

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