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I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult~E. B. White 



My dramatic flair emerged in the 4th grade when I was cast as the lion in The Wiz. I'll never forget the laughter and cheers as I tried to navigate the stage in a full lion's costume with all the ferocity my tiny body could muster. I felt loved. I felt special. I continued to torture my family with skits, poems and stories, always to the amusement of my parents and the annoyance of my brother. It wasn't until I attended Classen School of Advanced Studies in Oklahoma City and I found myself surrounded by equally and familiar weird folk, that I took my act from the comforts of my own home and found the stage. I can remember finding my friends and family after my performance of Cooki in Rumors and seeing the pure joy on their faces. I made them happy. 


Freshman year at the University of Oklahoma gave me a swift kick in the butt, as I desperately tried to keep up with the plays, the scenes, the papers, the costume construction assignments. It was hard and overwhelming yet empowering. It was here that I learned the responsibility of acting. I had known for some time that it made me happy and that it brought others joy...but college exposed the weight, the purpose, the possibility for change. I sifted through the dark pages of Sarah Cane's Crave. I pushed my physical and vocal limits in The Laramie Project as we brought to life various characters. I found myself swimming in the depths of Shakespeare as Olivia in Twelfth Night. I had always been a story teller. But now I was an innovator. An activist. A historian. An artist.


I made the move to New York in July of 2008. I can honestly say I was raised in Oklahoma but I grew up in New York City. I worked jobs no one would want, I finally unlocked the subway system, and I am managing my intense fear of mice and rats. I've had temp jobs in various industries ranging from fashion to finance. And I have done all of this so that I could perform in new shows such as Sky Lines and Who We Let In. I did it for the opportunity to unlock classic roles such as Katharina in Taming of the Shrew. I did it so I could produce and perform in the Fringe Festival, so I could go on tour, so I could write. And it has been worth it. 


I am truly happy to do what I love to do...and of course, always, I am looking forward to the next exciting adventure theatre (& film) have to offer!



Monica Jones

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